Saturday, February 25, 2012

Car Manufacturers: The distracted drivers friend or enemy?

We all know about the distracted driver. The texter, eater, phone using driver.

We are probably all guilty at one time or another, even the driver who is too involved in the song, audio book or a thought about that little snippy argument you had with your spouse as you were leaving the house at 6am (My opinion, in case you are curious, is that no fight between 11 pm and 7 pm should count, really save those for traditional working hours).

Okay, I will get to the point.

Now the U.S. Department of Transportation wants to get into the act. The DOT
"announced voluntary guidelines to "encourage automobile manufacturers to limit the distraction risk for in-vehicle electronic devices." The guidelines cover communication, entertainment, information gathering and navigation devices that are not necessary for the safe operations of a vehicle by the driver."

Here is an interesting blog post on the topic.

So will the car companies listen? Will you heed the warning?

Last year Volkswagen said their cars were rolling computers. We know the other car manufacturers are rushing to add music, wifi and all sorts of bells and whistles to your next car. Do you really need all of that in your car? Can you just use all those bells and whistles when you are in park or is the inevitable going to happen.

DOTs proposal has no teeth (read that no fines to car manufacturers) in it yet. Its also important to note that President Obama's FY 2013 budget request includes some $330 million over the next six years to fund distracted driving programs (read that lots of commercials). Is there not a better use of $330 million dollars!!!

Again, we miss the logical point. Lets all keep our eyes on the road, admit we do not need a car that is a rolling computer (you have your smartphone) and save $330 million dollars that we could use for something more prudent.

Happy trails!


  1. for those of us who work long hours....we should be allowed snippy arguments 24/7.

  2. I want a ping pong table in my car.

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